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Popular Bible Verses about Laughs

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Psalms 2:4

Bible Rank: 18,215
The One enthroned in heaven laughs; the Lord scoffs at them. NIV
He Who sits in the heavens laughs; the Lord has them in derision [and in supreme contempt He mocks them]. AMP
He that sitteth in the heavens shall laugh: the LORD shall have them in derision. KJV

Job 39:22

Bible Rank: 24,862
It laughs at fear, afraid of nothing; it does not shy away from the sword. NIV
He mocks at fear and is not dismayed or terrified; neither does he turn back [in battle] from the sword. AMP
He mocketh at fear, and is not affrighted; neither turneth he back from the sword. KJV

Job 39:18

Bible Rank: 25,294
Yet when she spreads her feathers to run, she laughs at horse and rider. NIV
Yet when she lifts herself up in flight, [so swift is she that] she can laugh to scorn the horse and his rider. AMP
What time she lifteth up herself on high, she scorneth the horse and his rider. KJV

Job 39:7

Bible Rank: 25,331
It laughs at the commotion in the town; it does not hear a driver's shout. NIV
He scorns the tumult of the city and hears not the shoutings of the taskmaster. AMP
He scorneth the multitude of the city, neither regardeth he the crying of the driver. KJV

Proverbs 29:9

Bible Rank: 26,760
If a wise person goes to court with a fool, the fool rages and scoffs, and there is no peace. NIV
If a wise man has an argument with a foolish man, the fool only rages or laughs, and there is no rest. AMP
If a wise man contendeth with a foolish man, whether he rage or laugh, there is no rest. KJV

Job 41:29

Bible Rank: 27,629
A club seems to it but a piece of straw; it laughs at the rattling of the lance. NIV
Clubs [also] are counted as stubble; he laughs at the rushing and the rattling of the javelin. AMP
Darts are counted as stubble: he laugheth at the shaking of a spear. KJV

Psalms 37:13

Bible Rank: 28,188
But the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming. NIV
The Lord laughs at [the wicked], for He sees that their own day [of defeat] is coming. AMP
The LORD shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming. KJV