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The most popular Bible verses from Job 35 - Page 2

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Job 35:8

Bible Rank: 25,381
Your wickedness only affects human beings like yourself, and your righteousness only members of the human race. NIV
Your wickedness touches and affects a man such as you are, and your righteousness is for yourself, one of the human race [but it cannot touch God, Who is above such influence]. AMP
Thy wickedness may hurt a man as thou art; and thy righteousness may profit the son of man. KJV

Job 35:14

Bible Rank: 25,423
How much less, then, will he listen when you say that you do not see him, that your case is before him and you must wait for him NIV
How much less when [missing His righteous judgment on earth] you say that you do not see Him, that your cause is before Him, and you are waiting for Him! AMP
Although thou sayest thou shalt not see him, yet judgment is before him; therefore trust thou in him. KJV

Job 35:13

Bible Rank: 25,831
Indeed, God does not listen to their empty plea; the Almighty pays no attention to it. NIV
Surely God will refuse to answer [the cry which is] vanity (vain and empty--instead of abiding trust); neither will the Almighty regard it-- AMP
Surely God will not hear vanity, neither will the Almighty regard it. KJV

Job 35:15

Bible Rank: 26,191
And further, that his anger never punishes and he does not take the least notice of wickedness. NIV
But now because God has not [speedily] punished in His anger and seems to be unaware of the wrong and oppression [of which a person is guilty] AMP
But now, because it is not so, he hath visited in his anger; yet he knoweth it not in great extremity: KJV

Job 35:3

Bible Rank: 26,856
Yet you ask him, 'What profit is it to me, and what do I gain by not sinning?' NIV
That you ask, What advantage have you? How am I profited more than if I had sinned? AMP
For thou saidst, What advantage will it be unto thee? and, What profit shall I have, if I be cleansed from my sin? KJV

Job 35:4

Bible Rank: 28,228
"I would like to reply to you and to your friends with you." NIV
I will answer you and your companions with you. AMP
I will answer thee, and thy companions with thee. KJV