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The most popular Bible verses from Hosea 11 - Page 2

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Hosea 11:5

Bible Rank: 11,503
"Will they not return to Egypt and will not Assyria rule over them because they refuse to repent?" NIV
They shall not [literally] return into [another bondage in] the land of Egypt, but the Assyrian shall be their king because they refused to return to Me. AMP
He shall not return into the land of Egypt, and the Assyrian shall be his king, because they refused to return. KJV

Hosea 11:6

Bible Rank: 11,951
Swords will flash in their cities, will destroy the bars of their gates and put an end to their plans. NIV
And the sword shall rage against and fall upon their cities and shall consume the bars of their gates and shall make an end [of their defenses], because of their own counsels and devices. AMP
And the sword shall abide on his cities, and shall consume his branches, and devour them, because of their own counsels. KJV